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Adult continuing education seminar materials within „ Latvian Judicial Training Centre administrative and human resource capacity strengthening” project framework

25 March, 2014 - 15:29

„How to work in an adult audience?”

Goal of the program

Adult training and your role in training process experience improvement and enlargement. Program is intended for participants who already have some experience in lecturing and who have come up with questions and situations that need to be discussed and solved, as well as new idea and method gaining in order to have successful performance in adult audience. However, beginners will find acquired knowledge and new experience useful in subsequent work in adult continuing education sphere.

Scope of the program

32 hours divided in 4 one-day seminars starting from September until December in 2013. 4x90 minutes per seminar day.
Seminar content and realization
Each day has one main topic or idea which is examined from theory and activities for illustration/practical realization are given in simulation and modeling form in order to give participants both arguments why one or another teaching and learning way is important in adult education and possibility to acquire experience about how to use a specific approach in your audience. Each seminar day starts with a reflection about experience and ends with certain feedback and evaluation method.
Topics and short annotation

1st day

Lesson content: Teaching and learning paradigm change. Lifelong learning. 21st century skills.
Methods used: Enrichment lectures; information/text reading strategies
Methods acquired: various lecture usage types and goals, methods used for working with information – INSERT, double annotations, graphic organizer.
Lecturer: M.A. in pedagogy, Inga Pāvula

2nd day

Lesson content: Role of cooperation in adult teaching. Social skills. Various learning ways/styles.
Methods used: Expert groups, open discussion
Methods acquired: Different group creation, determined group work selecting and leading. Types of discussion, discussion selection, leading and usage terms.
Lecturer: M.A. in pedagogy, Inga Pāvula

3rd day

Lesson content: Why and how to use new technologies in training process.
Methods used: presentations and discussions, group work, training development in internet environment.
Methods acquired: multimedia presentation creation, content visualization and creation for web, online test and other knowledge evaluation tool creation.
Lecturer: Toms Urdze

4th day

Lesson content: Training result and process evaluation importance in adult training
Methods used: Self-assessment and self-control understanding role and instruments. Supervision elements in adult training. Feedback and training evaluation methods – participant and lecturer questionnaires.
Methods acquired: Summarize feedback methods acquired during program and analyze the usage purposefulness. As summary – reflection part in the final day of the training – complex task where each participant individually and then working in group discusses the outcome of the knowledge acquired during program. 
Lecturer: M.A. in pedagogy, Inga Pāvula

Seminar program is carried out within project „ Latvian Judicial Training Centre administrative and human resource capacity strengthening” framework. Cooperation partners - Latvian Judges Association, The Latvian Association of Administrative Judges and Latvian Adult Education Association.

92.07% of the project is financed by EU through the instrumentality of The European Social Fund. Subactivity is administrated by The State Chancellery of Latvia in cooperation with the Society Integration Foundation.