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Council and CDWG

Council and curriculum development working group (CDWG).

The Council is one of the foundation’s governing institutions with supervisory and advisory functions.

On 13 December 2004, a meeting of LJTC stakeholders made the decision to transform BO SIA LTMC into the Foundation "Latvian Judicial Training Centre". These changes were registered in the Register of Associations and Foundations on 11 January 2005.

The Council: Egita Prāma, The Foundation for an Open Society DOTS (previously Soros Foundation – Latvia) , Ieva Rācēnāja, Riga Graduate School of Law, Sandra Strence, Riga city Latgale district court, Andris Guļāns, the judge of the Department of Administrative Cases, Iveta Andžāne, Latvian judiciary association representative.  In accordance with the articles of association, the Court Administration and Ministry of Justice delegated their representatives to work on the LJTC Council. Accordingly, Edvīns Balševics, Director of the Court Administration has worked on the council since 2009, along with Irēna Kucina, Deputy State Secretary in Judicial Matters at the Ministry of Justice since 2013.

In accordance with the articles of association, the Curriculum development working group (CDWG) is an advisory body, whose composition is reviewed and approved annually before the development of the new programme by the LJTC Council.

Current CDWG composition

  • Criminal law sub-group - Marina Ribina, Zemgale District Court (in Bauska), Juris Stukāns, Riga Regional Court, Juris Siliņš, Zemgale Regional Court and Aija Branta, Supreme Court.
  • Civil law sub-group -  Dzintra Balta, Riga Regional Court, Ieva Bāliņa, Riga District Court, Aigars Strupišs, Supreme Court, Inguna Helmane and Žanna Zujeva, City of Riga Vidzeme District Courts Land Book Division.
  • Administrative law sub-group - Māris Vīgants, Regional Administrative Court, Ilze Freimane, District Administrative Court Courthouse of Riga, Veronika Krūmiņa and Anita Kovaļevska, Supreme Court Department of Administrative Cases.