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Different people, different experiences, one Latvia

1 August, 2013 - 12:00

The LTMC began implementing the project “Different people, different experiences, one Latvia” in August 2013. The “Public Integration Fund”, in collaboration with the Latvian Centre for Human Rights and the Latvian Judicial Training Centre (LJTC), has started work on the project “Different people, different experiences, one Latvia”. The project is implemented within the parameters of the European Community's employment and social solidarity programme “PROGRESS 2007-2013” section “Diversity and combating discrimination”. The objective of programme activities is to improve specialists’ and society’s understanding of various forms of discrimination and to combat such discrimination. The LJTC will implement training for judges, public prosecutors and attorneys with the aim of raising the capacity of the legal profession in discrimination prevention and diversity management matters. By July 2014, the LJTC will organize six regional training seminars, as well as issue a handbook on discrimination prevention issues for representatives of the legal profession.