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Solvita Kalniņa – Caune
, Board
E-mail: solvita [at] ltmc [dot] lv
Graduated from New School University (New York) in 2002 with a Master of Science degree in Non-Profit Management. Her previous professional experience comes from working in the public administration sector (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Reform Ministry and School of Public Administration), as well as developing and implementing programmes in the non-governmental sector (Soros Foundation Latvia, in the Human Rights and Ethnic Harmony Programme, and Centre for Non-Governmental Organisations).
Since 2003, she has comprised the one-person board of the LJTC, fulfilling the function of Executive Director.


Elīna Mikijanska
, Finance Director, Accountant
Phone: +371 22814898
E-mail: elina [at] ltmc [dot] lv
Elīna Mikijanska qualified as an Enterprise Manager in the Bachelor’s programme of the BA School of Business and Finance. Her previous professional experience is related to organising office work and accounting. She has also acquired an insight into personnel management through her work as an assistant human resources manager.
At the Latvian Judicial Training Centre she is responsible for commercial activity accounting, project supervision and financial resource planning.


Lina Savicka, Legal Programme Officer,
Phone: +371 22814911
E-mail: lina [at] ltmc [dot] lv (lina)solvita [at] ltmc [dot] lv (
In 2004, Lina Savicka graduated from the University of Latvia’s Law Faculty, qualifying as a lawyer. In 2005, she completed her Master's studies at the University of Latvia in the field of State and Administrative Law. From April 2004 to December 2005, she worked as a judge's assistant at the Administrative District Court. Lina has worked at the LJTC since December 2005 and was responsible for the development and implementation of the administrative law programmes as well as the attorneys’ programmes. Currently Lina is responsible for the development and implementation of the training programmes on civil law and land registry matters.


Zane Mičule
, E-learning Programme Officer
Phone: +371 22814977
E-mail: zane [at] ltmc [dot] lv
In 2012 Zane Mičule graduated from the University of Latvia, Faculty of History and Philosophy, obtaining Bachelor's degree in philosophy. For one semester studied as an exchange student in Johannis Gutenberg Universität Mainz (Mainz, Germany). Began working in LJTC in May 2015 as a office administrator and training event coordinator. Currently Zane is responsible for e-learning programme developement, the learning management system and participant selection for EJTN seminars.


Dārta Mestere
, Legal Programme Officer
Phone: +371 22814944
E-mail: darta [at] ltmc [dot] lv
Dārta Mestere has obtained master’s degree in Law and qualified as a lawyer in 2013 at University of Latvia, Faculty of Law. During master studies she has participated in Erasmus exchange program in Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. Dārta has been a member of Legal Aid and Practice center at University of Latvia and European Law Student Association „Elsa Latvia”. Dārta has worked at social business company “MAMMU”. From 2012 till 2014 has worked in Riga City Ziemeļu District Court as a court secretary and assistant of a judge.
Dārta Mestere works at Latvian Judicial Training Center since September 2014 and is responsible for criminal law training programs for judges and public prosecutors and EJTN Exchange Programme.


Katrīna Vītola
, Legal Programme Officer
Phone: +371 22814877
E-mail: katrina [at] ltmc [dot] lv
Katrīna Vītola has obtained a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Latvia (2011), and holds a Master of Social Sciences in Educational Studies from the University of Glasgow (2017). During the bachelor studies Katrīna took part in the Erasmus program at the University of Szeged in Hungary.Before joining the LJTC Katrīna worked as the learning and development program manager at the educational non-profit organisation ‘Iespējamā misija’. She also has an experience of teaching English to young learners and adults. Katrīna has been a member of the youth organisations ‘Tellus’ and ‘European Youth Parliament’.
Katrīna works at the LJTC since September 2020 and is responsible for implementing civil law training programs.


Madara Blūmere, Programme Officer
Phone: +371 22814933
E-mail: madara [at] ltmc [dot] lv
Madara Blūmere has obtained master’s degree in Law and qualified as a lawyer in 2014 at University of Latvia, Faculty of Law. Her professional experience is related to project coordination, project management and international cooperation.
Madara Blūmere works at the LJTC since September 2020 and is responsible for coordination of the European Social Fund project “Provision of Training on the Good Governance of Courts and Law Enforcement Authorities”.


Laura Leitlante, Office Aadministrator
Phone: +371 22814900
E-mail: laura [at] ltmc [dot] lv
Laura Leitlante has obtained a Bachelor's degree in social sciences, in 2008 at Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. From 2008 has worked as an office administrator at the Soros Foundation  - Latvia, organizing office work and various events. From 2014 to 2018 has worked in the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS performing the duties of a project assistant and later also of a project director.
Laura works at Latvian Judicial Training Center since January 2018 as an office administrator.


Endija Logina, Office Administrator
Phone: +371 22814966
E-mail: endija [at] ltmc [dot] lv
Endija Logina has graduated Riga Stradins University, Faculty of Law. From 2014 to summer 2017, he worked as a franchisee and managed company. Endija Logina has been working at the Latvian Judicial Training Center since January 2018.