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LJTC’s new homepage

31 March, 2014 - 16:39

   We aim for the best that we can give to our clients – judges, attorneys, prosecutors and lawyers. Therefore we are happy to announce that since April a new LJTC homepage is available - We have been thinking about communication and information accessibility that would be easily found and understandable for our clients. In the new homepage we have created a calendar where seminar programs within a one-month period can be easily found and also access to our Training Information System (TIS (MIS in Latvian)).

   In the result of this upturn we have improved and adjusted LJTC logo which has become more modern. We are grateful to Society Integration Foundation which made our dream about new homepage and quality management system establishment come true, evaluating LJTC project application and supporting planned activities in project „Latvian Judicial Training Centre administrative and human resource capacity strengthening”.

See you in the future in our seminars!

Yours truly,